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Friday, March 20, 2020

Basemetal update

Base metal bounced back sharply from lower levels on positive news. πŸ—ž

Now we will not trade in base metal for time being because of volatility. Fresh position we will initiate from Monday onward. 

The safety of funds is more important than earning.


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today nifty update

Nifty has Immediate support at 7800 and resistance at 8420

A weekly close above 8420, Price may rally for the upside target of 8650---8800, Else may test its immediate support of 7800

Unfortunate trading below 7800 may slide price for 7500---7300 on the downside.

Indian Market View

Bank Nifty update

✅ Bank Nifty update- Finacial benchmark indices performed as per expectation

The power of levelsπŸ’ͺ🏻 price made a low of 20440 levels. We recommended selling below 22000  (Today's blog update)

Keep profit booking and revise stop loss at cost.

We have seen a continuous downfall in price. As per our yesterday view, Bank nifty has been trading below its immediate recommended support level.

Now, what next??? πŸ€”

Technically, Index has formed a "Death Cross-over" on the daily chart.

We expect continuity in the downtrend for the target of 19000.

Today, price breached its last swing bottom of 21000 and trading around 20500, We are expecting a continuous downside in the index for the target of 19500----19000 with the stop loss of 22500.

Trade safely with levels only


Monday, March 9, 2020

gainer level update

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


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Monday, February 19, 2018

Agro Commodity Update (19th Feb-2018)

Top gainer level Update (19th Feb-2018) 

Fundamental Aspect:

Soybean futures traded higher on NCDEX, as participants expanded their holdings, supported by firming trend overseas due to lower stock-piles and fall in production. Besides, shortage of ready stocks in the market on restricted arrivals from growing regions, activated by strong demand for edible oils in spot markets, too added support to soybean prices.
Mentha oil futures traded lower on MCX, as speculators trimmed positions, driven by subdued demand from consuming industries at the spot market. Besides, ample stocks position on increased supplies from major producing belts of Chandausi in Uttar Pradesh too fuelled the downtrend. The contract for March was trading at Rs 1340.00, down by 0.99% or Rs 13.40 from its previous closing of Rs 1353.40. The open interest of the contract stood at 770 lots on MCX.

Technical Aspect  

Guar seed (March)

Image result for guar image

Our buy call from 4415—4430 has proven great.

Now what to expect?

Support is at 4350 and Resistance is 4500.

Break and sustain above 4500 will see further downside fall till 4570—4650 and then to 4700 mark in near term. 

Fresh selling only can be seen on close below  4350 mark

Trade with levels only.

Chana (March)

Image result for chana image

Support is 3750 and Resistance is 3900

Rally likely to continue till 3900. Break and sustain above  3850 will take it towards 3880—3950 mark in near term

Fresh selling can be seen on close  below  3750.

Trade with levels only.

RM Seed (April)

Image result for rm seed image

Support seen at 4050 and resistance is at 4200.

 Break and sustain above 4200 will take it to 4250--4300 and then 4380 mark.

Fresh selling can be initiated on close below 4050 mark.

Trade with levels only.

Soybean (March)

Image result for soybean image

Support seen at 3750 and Resistance is 3900.

 Break and sustain above  3750 will take it towards 3850—3930 mark in near term else could touch its support level of 3750 mark.

Fresh selling only can be seen on close below 3750.

Trade with levels only.

Castor Seed (March)

Image result for castor seed image

Support at 4150 and Resistance at 4250

Above 4250 rally likely to continue till 4250—4330 and then 4370++ mark else could touch its support level of 4150.

Fresh selling only can be seen on close below 4150.

Trade with levels only.

Cotton (March)

Image result for cotton  image

Support is 19800 and Resistance is 20300.

Below 19700 panic likely to continue till 19600—19400 and then 19300 mark in near term .

Fresh buying only can be seen on close above 20300.

Trade with levels only.

Jeera (March)

Image result for jeera  image

Support seen at 15800 and Resistance is at 16350

Below 15800 panic likely to continue till 15550—15300 mark in near term else could touch its resistance level of 16350 mark.
Fresh buying only can be seen above 16350 on closing basis.

Trade with levels only.

Turmeric (Apr)

Image result for turmeric  image

Support is 7230 while Resistance is 7380

Break and sustain above 7380 will take it towards 7450—7530 and then 7600 mark in near term else could touch its support of  level of 7230.

Fresh selling only can be seen on close below 7230.

Trade with levels only.

CPO (March)

Support seen at 535 while Resistance is 555.

Break and sustain below 535 will take it towards 510—495 mark in near term.

Fresh buying only can be initiated above 555 mark on closing basis.

Trade with levels only

More Will update Soon!!!